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Table 2 Neuropsychological assessments and structured questionnaires for stroke patients of the KOSCO study

From: Korean Stroke Cohort for functioning and rehabilitation (KOSCO): study rationale and protocol of a multi-centre prospective cohort study

Domain Assessment
Stroke severity National Institute of Health Stroke Scale
Activities of daily living Korean modified Barthel Index
  Functional Independence Measure
Cognition function Korean Mini-Mental State Examination
Motor function Fugl-Meyer Assessment
  modified Ashworth scale
  9-hole peg board test
Mobility function Functional Ambulatory Category
Swallowing function American Speech-Language-Hearing Association National Outcome Measurement System Swallowing Scale
Language function Korean Version of Frenchay Aphasia Screening Test
Disability modified Rankin scale
Mood Geriatric depression scale-short form
Quality of life Euro Quality of Life-5D
Subjective health condition Psychosocial Well-being index-short form
  Reintegration to Normal Living Index
Demographics Occupation
  Marital status
  Living conditions
Lifestyle habits Alcohol consumption
Health care utilization General medical services
  Rehabilitation services