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Figure 1

From: Decision-making under explicit risk is impaired in multiple sclerosis: relationships with ventricular width and disease disability

Figure 1

GDT performance in MS patients and healthy controls. (a) Mean GDT net-score (low-risk minues high-risk choices) in healthy controls compared to all MS patients and compared to MS patient subgroups. (b) Spearman rank-correlation between MS patients’ EDSS score and GDT net-score. EDSS: Expanded Disability Status Scale; GDT: Game-of-Dice Task; RR-1: Relapsing-remitting MS patients with EDSS scores < 3; RR-2: Relapsing-remitting MS patients with EDSS scores ≥ 3; SP: Secondary progressive MS patients. Error bars are standard errors of the mean.

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