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Table 1 Schedule and list of assessments

From: A study on the natural history of scanning behaviour in patients with visual field defects after stroke

  Acute phase (0-2 weeks) Subacute (3-6 months) Chronic (1-2 years)
Clinical stroke assessment    
• History X   
• Clinical examination X   X
• Risk factor evaluation X   
• Modified Rankin X X X
• CT brain X   
• MRI brain   X X
Ophthalmic evaluation    
• Visual acuity X X X
• Humphrey’s visual field X X X
Cognitive assessment    
• Addenbroke’s cognitive evaluation X X X
• Standardized reading assessment X X X
• Spatial neglect screening X X X
Eye movements during search task    
• Stationary search task X X X
• Dynamic search task X X X