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Table 2 The questions that required discussion and revision by the Committee

From: Cross-cultural adaptation of the stroke action test for Italian- speaking people

Item Notes
8. My gym partner complained about his right hand hurting and feeling numb while he was lifting weights. He was able to finish his workout anyway. Clarity, adequacy and usefulness rated as low. Unusual scenario for Italian context: physical activity is usually carried out individually, often not in gyms, and weight lifting is not commonly practiced. The question was rephrased and retained, because it was agreed that it could facilitate the applicability of the questionnaire to younger people, thus increasing its generalizability.
25. Sudden weakness of the face especially on one side. Clarity and usefulness rated as low. The question was rephrased and retained.
5. Sudden numbness of the leg, especially on one side. Rated by most subjects as of low-medium usefulness. The questions were retained, as this judgment was likely influenced by the level of knowledge of stroke, which is what the questionnaire intended to measure
14. Sudden weakness of the arm especially on one side.
21. Sudden severe headache with no known cause.
24. I noticed that he kept covering and uncovering his eyes and blinking. He told me, “I can’t see.” A few minutes later everything was fine again
  1. The notes describe the Committee’s final decisions