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Table 2 Edges chosen for “mask”

From: Robust disruptions in electroencephalogram cortical oscillations and large-scale functional networks in autism

ASD mask network edges Fp1-F3/Fp1-F7; F3-C3/F7-T3; C3-P3/C4-P4; C3-P3/T3-T5; P3-O1/P4-O2; P3-O1/T5-O1; F4-C4/F8-T4; F4-C4/T4-T6; C4-P4/P4-O2; C4-P4/T4-T6; C4-P4/T6-O2; C4-P4/Cz-Pz; P4-O2/T5-O1; P4-O2/T6-O2; T5-O1/T6-O2; T4-T6/Cz-Pz
Control mask network edges Fp1-F3/Fp2-F4; Fp1-F3/Fp1-F7; Fp1-F3/F7-T3; Fp1-F3/Fp2-F8; Fp1-F3/F8-T4; F3-C3/F7-T3; F3-C3/T3-T5; F3-C3/Fp2-F8; C3-P3/T3-T5; P3-O1/T5-O1; Fp2-F4/Fp1-F7; Fp2-F4/F7-T3; Fp2-F4/Fp2-F8; Fp2-F4/F8-T4; F4-C4/C4-P4; C4-P4/T4-T6; C4-P4/Cz-Pz; P4-O2/T6-O2; Fp1-F7/F7-T3; Fp1-F7/Fp2-F8; Fp1-F7/F8-T4; F7-T3/Fp2-F8; Fp2-F8/F8-T4
Edges common to both masks Fp1-F3/Fp1-F7; F3-C3/F7-T3; C3-P3/T3-T5; P3-O1/T5-O1; C4-P4/T4-T6; C4-P4/Cz-Pz; P4-O2/T6-O2
  1. ASD edges were significantly below the surrogate ASD bootstrap distribution, and control edges were significantly above the surrogate control bootstrap distribution