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Table 2 Module titles and specific subparts of the web-based CBT for patients with CFS

From: Testing the efficacy of web-based cognitive behavioural therapy for adult patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CBIT): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Module title Content of module
Getting started and goal setting Psycho education about the cognitive-behavioural model of CFS and CBT, signing treatment contract and establish goals that if attained implies that a patient no longer has CFS.
Regulate sleep-wake cycle Regulating sleep-wake cycle i.e., fixed bedtimes, no sleeping or lying down during the day
Helpful beliefs about fatigue Formulate helpful beliefs
  Divert attention away from fatigue towards other activities and the environment
How to communicate with others about CFS Change the communication about CFS with significant others
Gradually increasing my activities Determine activity pattern
  Graded activity program for relative active patients (first spread activities evenly, followed by graded activity)
  Graded activity program for low active patient
  Pain: helpful beliefs for dealing with pain during graded activity
  Solve problems with the graded activity program
Reaching my goals step by step Work resumption
  Increase mental activities
  Increase social activities
  Achieve my goals step by step
Evaluation and the future Letting go of the rules of therapy (e.g., sleep in late, do a lot of activities from time to time)
  No longer being a CFS patient
  Having healthy levels of fatigue and learn how to stay healthy