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Table 1 Proposed BCPR activity

From: Bangladesh Cerebral Palsy Register (BCPR): a pilot study to develop a national cerebral palsy (CP) register with surveillance of children for CP

  BCPR pilot phase 2015 Extended BCPR activities 2016 onwards
Population register component Study area: Study area:
1. Shahjadpur subdistrict 1. Shahjadpur subdistrict
  2. Other areas with known population denominator and confirming maximum case ascertainment (depending on funding availability)
Methods: Methods:
1. Re-tracing existing CP cohort 1. Active surveillance and screening using KIM
2. Active surveillance and screening using KIM  
Other registrants   Study area:
1. Cases available from other research groups, hospitals, NGOs and health care professionals and entered into the register through the BCPR web portal
1. Opportunistic/purposive recruitment