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Table 2 Mean Morisky medication adherence score at baseline and 2-month follow-up in Intervention vs. usual care group (multivariable analysis)

From: A randomized controlled behavioral intervention trial to improve medication adherence in adult stroke patients with prescription tailored Short Messaging Service (SMS)-SMS4Stroke study

  Intervention groupa Usual care groupa Adjusted differenceb (95 % CI)
Baseline 2 months Baseline 2 months
Morisky medication adherence score 6.6 (0.17) 7.4 (0.93) 6.6 (0.16) 6.7 (1.32) 0.54 (0.22–0.85)*
  1. *p < 0.01
  2. aMean (SD)
  3. badjusted for baseline adherence score, number of pills prescribed daily, dosing frequency, age, gender, employment status, education, use of alarms, missing physician appointments in the previous year and block design