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Table 3 Items on the PDQ tested and retained for the final rasch model

From: Quantifying cognition at the bedside: a novel approach combining cognitive symptoms and signs in HIV

Item number Retained in model Item content
1   Lose your train of thought when speaking
2 Have difficulty remembering the names of people, even ones you have met several times
3 Forget what you came into the room for
4   Have trouble getting things organized
5   Have trouble concentrating on what people are saying during a conversation
6   Forget if you had already done something
7 Miss appointments and meetings you had scheduled
8   Have difficulty planning what to do in the day
9 Have trouble concentrating on things like watching a television program or reading a book
10   Forget what you did the night before
11 Forget the date unless you looked it up
12   Have trouble getting started, even if you had a lot of things to do
13   Find your mind drifting
14   Forget what you talked about after a telephone conversation
15 Forget to do things like turn off the stove or turn on your alarm clock
16   Feel like your mind went totally blank
17 Have trouble holding phone numbers in your head, even for a few seconds
18   Forget what you did last week-end
19 Forget to take your medication
20 Have trouble making decisions