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Table 2 Tests and questionnaires used for the cognitive, mood and behavioral assessment

From: EpiBrainRad: an epidemiologic study of the neurotoxicity induced by radiotherapy in high grade glioma patients

Domain Tests, scales and questionnaires
Cognitive assessment
 Intellectual efficiency National Adult Reading Test (French version) [38]
 General functioning Mini Mental State Examination [39]
Montreal Cognitive Assessment [40]
Dementia Rating Scale-2 [41]
 Verbal episodic memory RLRI-16 (Adaptation of the Grober-Buschke test) [42]
 Visual episodic memory Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure [43]
 Executive functions and Attention Digit Span forward [44]
Digit Span backward [44]
Letter-number sequencing [44]
Categorical and phonetic word fluency [45, 46]
Trail Making Test [45, 46]
Computerized Speed Cognitive Test [22]
Stroop color-word Test [45, 46]
 Langage Boston Naming Test [47]
Token Test [48]
 Visuospatial and visuoconstructive functions Rey-Osterrieth Complex Figure [43]
Self-reported Scales
 Mood Anxiety questionnaire of Goldberg [49]
Center for Epidemiologic Study Depression Scale [50]
 Fatigue FACIT Fatigue Scale [51]
 Memory complaint MacNair and Khan questionnaire [52, 53]
 Quality-of-life EORTC QLQ-C30 [54]
Care-giver-reported Scales
 Dysexecutive syndrome ISDC [45, 46]
 Autonomy EIADL [56]