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Table 4 Biomarkers sampled in blood

From: EpiBrainRad: an epidemiologic study of the neurotoxicity induced by radiotherapy in high grade glioma patients

Classical biomarkers correlated with cognitive impairments S-100B protein [GenBank : NP_006263]
8,12-iso-iPF2a-VI isoprostane
Homocysteine [GenBank : NP_060084]
New biomarkers  brain-miR-112 [GenBank : AF480510]
 brain-miR-161 [GenBank : AJ535829]
 hsa-let-7d-3p [GenBank : LM380164]
 hsa-miR-5010-3p [GenBank : LM38284]
 hsa-miR-26a-5p [GenBank : LM378769]
 hsamiR-1285-5p [GenBank : LM383022]
 hsa-miR-151a-3p [GenBank : LM379262]
 hsamiR-103a-3p [GenBank : LM378788]
 hsa-miR-107 [GenBank : LM378791]
 hsa-miR-532-5p [GenBank : LM379811]
 hsa-miR-26b-5p [GenBank : LM378770]
 hsa-let-7f-5p [GenBank : LM378754]