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Fig. 1

From: Atorvastatin in improvement of cognitive impairments caused by amyloid β in mice: involvement of inflammatory reaction

Fig. 1

Time chart of experimental procedures. Hidden platform and probe trial test in Morris water maze (MWM) and Y-maze task was performed on days 5–11 and day 13 after Aβ25–35-injection, respectively. On day 14–15 after Aβ25–35-injection the mice were killed for electrophysiological recording LTP, histological examination (HE), Western blot (WB) and RT-PCR analysis. ATV, ATV + FOH, ATV + LY294002 (LY) or CORT were consecutively administered after Aβ25–35-injection. FOH or LY294002 was administered 30 min before ATV-treatment

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