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Table 1 Previously reported cases of orbital pseudotumor with intracranial extension

From: Intracranial extension of orbital inflammatory pseudotumor: a case report and literature review

Year Author Patient age (years) Gender Intracranial location/features
1984 Kaye et al. 71 M ACF (planum sphenoidale), dural-based
1986 Frohman et al. 48 M SOF, optic canal, bone erosion
   48 F MCF/CS, bone erosion
   72 M SOF, bone erosion
1986 Noble et al. 46 F ACF, dural thickening
1992 Clifton et al. 49 M MCF/CS, pattern II
   69 M SOF, pattern I
   54 F MCF/CS, pattern II
   36 M MCF, pattern I
   86 M MCF/CS, dural thickening, bilateral involvement, pattern III
   71 F MCF/CS, pattern II
   30 M MCF/CS, dural thickening, pattern III
   61 M MCF/CS, pattern II
1993 Bencherif et al. 23 M CS, SOF, left fronto-temporal dural thickening, sphenoid bone sclerosis
1993 Olmos et al. 64 F CS/Meckel cave, parasellar plaque, dural surface down to clivus and C2 body
1996 de Jesus et al. 16 F Optic canal, SOF, MCF; dural thickening of the left hemisphere and tentorium
1998 Soares et al. - - Pituitary fossa/CS, ICA compression
2000 Ayala et al. 83 F ACF extra-axial mass without bone involvement, (possibly through the anterior etmoid foramen)
2004 Mahr et al. 40 M MCF, dural thickening over the temporal pole
   41 M Optic canal, MCF paraclinoid mass
   73 F Meckel cave/CS
2005 Lee et al. 58 M MCF/CS, dural thickening; ICA encasement
   63 M SOF
   55 M MCF/CS, petrous apex, dural thickening; brain edema; ICA encasement
   32 M MCF/CS dural thickening; brain edema
   46 M MCF/CS, petrous apex, Meckel cave, dural thickening; brain edema; ICA encasement
2006 Zborowska et al. 45 F MCF/CS, Meckel cave, dural thickening over the temporal pole
   32 M MCF/CS, pituitary fossa, tentorium; bone erosion (sphenoid wing and orbital roof)
   48 F MCF/CS; parasellar mass, bone erosion, ICA encasement
2011 Saifudheen et al. 50 M MCF/CS large dural mass (temporal pole); brain edema
  1. ACF Anterior cranial fossa, MCF Middle cranial fossa, CS Cavernous sinus, SOF Superior orbital fissure, ICA Internal carotid artery, Pattern I, II, III: patterns of intracranial extension of orbital pseudotumor as described by Clifton et al. [17]