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Table 2 Last step of multivariate logistic regression. Included parameters: NIHSS score on admission, diabetes, Tmax ≥8 s dichotomized, TTP ≥6 s dichotomized, DWI lesion volume, treatment with TEA or CAS and age

From: Time-dependent parameter of perfusion imaging as independent predictor of clinical outcome in symptomatic carotid artery stenosis

  Odds ratio (95 % CI) p-value
NIHSS score on admission 0.468 (0.224;0.975) 0.043
Diabetes 0.034 (0.001;1.639) 0.087
Tmax ≥8 s dichotomized 0.026 (0.001;0.925) 0.045
TTP ≥6 s dichotomized 0.026 (0.001;0.925) 0.045
  1. NIHSS National Institue of Health Stroke Scale, TTP time-to-peak, T max time to maximum of residual curve