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Table 6 Preliminary 45-item questionnaire

From: Activities of daily living questionnaire from patients’ perspectives in Parkinson’s disease: a cross-sectional study

Please check the daily activities that you find difficult to do during last week. Please list the three activities that are most important to you.
Household Outdoor
 Getting in/out of bed Taking the first step
 Turning around in bed Walking outside
 Sitting on the floor Turning
 Getting up from the floor Stopping walking
 Dressing Walking up/down stairs
 Sex life Crossing the street
 Sitting on and rising from a chair Getting in/out of a car
 Sitting upright Getting on/off of a bus or subway
 Standing Driving a car
 Walking inside  
 Grasping and releasing an object If you (or the patient) cannot walk
 Moving an object Moving from the bed or a chair to a wheelchair
 Writing Using a wheelchair
 Wearing shoes  
 Brushing teeth Talking
 Getting in/out of the bath Using the phone
 Taking a bath/shower Shopping
 Using the toilet Going out
  Walking around the neighborhood
 Preparing a meal Working
 Using a spoon and chopsticks Taking exercise
 Swallowing Doing hobbies
 Washing the dishes Traveling
 Cleaning the house  
 Washing the clothes Activities most important for you.
If you find any other activities difficult that are not in this list, please list them below. 2.