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Table 1 Components and scoring of the cardiovascular health metric

From: Predicting dementia in primary care patients with a cardiovascular health metric: a prospective population-based study

Component Scoring
Ideal (2 points) Moderate (1 point) Poor (0 points)
Smokinga Never Quitter Current
Physical activitya ≥3 times/week 1–2 times/week inactive
Body mass indexa <25 kg/m2 25–29 kg/m2 ≥30 kg/m2
Blood pressureb SBP < 120 and DBP < 80 mmHg untreated SBP 120–139 or DBP 80–89 mmHg or ideal but treated SBP ≥ 140 or DBP ≥ 90 mmHg
Total cholesterolb <200 mg/dl untreated 200–239 mg/dl or ideal but treated ≥240 mg/dl
Fasting glucoseb <100 mg/dl 100–125 mg/dl ≥126 mg/dl
  1. aComponents of the health behaviors index. bComponents of the blood parameters index. DBP diastolic blood pressure. SBP systolic blood pressure