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Table 2 Test-retest-reliability analyses for the mean early and late CPM effect (day 1 vs. day 2), n = 25

From: Short-term test-retest-reliability of conditioned pain modulation using the cold-heat-pain method in healthy subjects and its correlation to parameters of standardized quantitative sensory testing

  Mean SD Bland-Altman analysis bias (lower LoA-upper LoA) ICC (95 % CI) SEM SRD
early CPM effect 18.1 11.8 2.8 (−17.4… 23.0) 0.618 (0.302-0.811) 7.3 20.2
late CPM effect 4.6 10.7 6.0 (−20.2… 32.1) 0.178 (−0.226-0.530) 9.7 27.0
  1. CPM Conditioned Pain Modulation, mean values for the CPM effect day 1 and day 2 represent pain ratings on the numeric rating scale (NRS, 0–100). SD; standard deviation, ICC Intraclass Correlation coefficient, CI confidence interval, LoA limits of agreement, SEM standard error of measurement, SRD smallest real difference. The standard error of measurements has the same units as the CPM measurements (NRS, 0–100) and is calculated as SEM = SD * √1-ICC. The SRD represents the 95 % confidence interval of the SEM, i.e., SRD = 1.96 * SEM * √2. For this table we assembled the mean values for the early and late CPM effect on both test days