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Table 1 Topic list semi-structured and structured individual interviews (phase 1) and focus-group interview (phase 2)

From: What’s keeping people after stroke from walking outdoors to become physically active? A qualitative study, using an integrated biomedical and behavioral theory of functioning and disability

Topics for all interviews Choice of answers only for structured interview
Topic 1: Walking for health What’s your opinion on your health situation? Bad health Not so healthy Fair Good Don’t know
What’s your opinion on your walking activity? Little Fair Good Very good Don’t care
Is walking of influence on your health? No Not really A little positively Positively Negatively
Is your health situation of influence on your walking activities? No Not really A little Yes Don’t know
Topic 2: Exercise and physical activity Did you participate in any sports or physical activity prior to your stroke? No Not really A little Yes  
Is physical activity important to you? Not at all A little Important Very important  
Are you currently participating in physical activity programs or exercise programs? No At the physical therapist’ At the sports club, the gym By myself  
When not, would you like to? Yes, very much Yes Not really No  
What’s keeping you? Afraid, dangerous Physically not possible Not in the mood Has no purpose Have done enough
What’s driving you? Keeping mobile and healthy Just want to exercise Partner/healthcare professional says to Meeting other people Want to get out
Topic 3: Walking outdoors Do you walk outdoors each day? Every day 2-3 times a week Once a week Almost never More than once a day.
What are your reasons for walking outdoors? Exercise Just for fun, getting some fresh air Meeting with friends Running errands  
What’s keeping you from walking outdoors? Uneven surfaces, crowds and obstacles When there is no purpose to go outdoors Have other means of transportation Problems with orientation, motor control, balance or endurance. Not allowed to go by myself, not safe
How do you cope with problems when walking outdoors? Avoid them Encounter them Ask assistance Don’t know  
What stimulates you to walk outdoors? Walking with peers Nice weather Necessity to go Stimulating caregiver Stimulating healthcare professional