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Table 4 Measurements’ protocol and time points for Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3

From: Sympathetic activity and early mobilization in patients in intensive and intermediate care with severe brain injuries: a preliminary prospective randomized study

  T0 T1 (Gr 1,2,3) T2 (Gr 1,2,3) T2.1 (Only Gr 3) T2.2 (Only Gr 3) T3 (Gr 1,2,3) T4 (Gr 1,2,3)
Admission to CHUV Admission to Intermediate Care Unit First mobilizationout of bed. In supine position, 15min before mobilization After 5 min in 30° vertical position After 5 min in 50° vertical position After 5 min in stand position for Gr 1, 2 and in 70° vertical position for Gr 3 After 60 min in supine position
SBP x x x x x x x
DBP x x x x x x x
HR x x x x x x x
RR x x x x x x x
Catech.    x    x x
Doppler   If SAH If SAH     If SAH
  1. Gr 1 (group 1): Standard Protocol; Gr 2 (group 2): MOTOmed® Protocol; Gr 3 (group 3): Erigo® Protocol
  2. SBP systolic blood pressure, DBP diastolic blood pressure, HR heart rate, RR respiratory rate, Catech catecholamine