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Table 4 GRADE evidence table for the comparison combination of antibiotics vs. single drugs for children with Lyme neuroborreliosis

From: Efficacy and safety of pharmacological treatments for Lyme neuroborreliosis in children: a systematic review

Quality assessment № of patients Effect Quality
№ of studies Study design Risk of bias Inconsistency Indirectness Imprecision Combination of antibiotics Single drugs Relative (95 % CI)
Neurological symptoms at last reported time point
1 observational studies very seriousa not serious seriousb seriousc 1/7 (14.3 %) 2/2 (100.0 %) RR 4.44 (0.96 to 20.50) VERY LOW
  1. acritical risk of bias according to ARCOBAT NRSI due to baseline confounding, selected patients, lack of blinding, interventions insufficiently described
  2. bheterogeneous interventions applied
  3. csmall sample size, optimal information size not met