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Table 4 Face validity for the Rehabilitation Complexity Scale-Extended

From: Assessment of primary rehabilitation needs in neurological rehabilitation: translation, adaptation and face validity of the Danish version of Rehabilitation Complexity Scale-Extended

Team member Medical doctor Nurse Therapist
Domains scored (M and R) (C and N) (TD, TI and E)
Mean (SD) 8.4 (0.49) 7.8 (0.38) 8.3 (0.91)
Range [8, 9] [7, 8] [6, 10]
  1. C basic care (support needs), R risk (cognitive or behavioural needs), N skilled nursing needs, M medical needs, TD required number of different therapy disciplines, TI therapy intensity, E equipment needs. After assessing every 10 patients, each team member answered the question: “On average over the last 10 patients, does the RCS-E present a sufficient description of the patient in the areas you have been asked to assess? Please indicate on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is not at all sufficient and 10 is sufficient”