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Table 2 Description of quality criteria and scoring for selected studies

From: A critical review of manual therapy use for headache disorders: prevalence, profiles, motivations, communication and self-reported effectiveness

Dimensions of Quality Assessment Points Awarded†
 A. Sampling strategy reported/appropriate to study design 1
 B. Sample size >100 1
 C. Response rate >75% 1
 D. Low recall bias (prospective data collection or retrospective data collection within past 12 months) 1
Reporting of Participants characteristics
 E. Classification of migraine or headache type(s) reported 1
 F. Age and sex 1
 G. Ethnicity 1
 H. Indicator of socioeconomic status (income, education) 1
Reporting of relevant MT factors
 I. Reporting of MT use for headache 1
 J. Reporting of MT financial costs 1
  1. †Maximum score of 10 points for studies applicable to this scoring system with each item weighted equally with 0 (criterion not fulfilled) or 1 (criterion fulfilled) point