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Table 6 Overview of neuropsychometric tests collected to date in the NSHD

From: Study protocol: Insight 46 – a neuroscience sub-study of the MRC National Survey of Health and Development

Cognitive domain Age 8
Age 11
Age 15
[124126, 128]
Age 18
Age 43
Age 53
[127130, 132]
Age 60–64
[46, 124, 132, 133]
Age 69 Ages 69–71 and 71–73
(Insight 46)
Premorbid IQ (estimated)        National Adult Reading Test    
Verbal reasoning and reading comprehension   Reading comprehension test Verbal abilities test Verbal section of Alice Heim Test; Watts-Vernon reading comprehension test.   Watts-Vernon reading comprehension test     
Non-verbal reasoning   Picture intelligence test Non-verbal abilities test Non-verbal section of Alice Heim Test       WASI Matrix Reasoning
Memory Short-term Verbal Memory      Word list Word list Word list Word list WMS-R Logical Memory
Short-term Visual Memory      Visual memory test     ‘What was where?’ task
Short-term Associative Memory          FNAME-12
Prospective Memory       Prospective memory test    
Literacy   Word reading test; Vocabulary test Word reading test; Vocabulary test        
Numeracy    Arithmetic test Mathematics test       
Executive function Verbal Fluency       Category fluency   Phonemic fluency and category fluency (as part of the ACE-III exam)  
Reaction Time/ Task-set switching / Response Inhibition        Simple Reaction Time; Choice Reaction Time   Choice Reaction time (inc. switching and inhibition measures)
Processing speed and attention       Letter Search Letter Search Letter Search Letter Search WAIS-R Digit Symbol Substitution; Irrelevant Distractor
Visuomotor integration       Timed manual pegboard     Circle Tracing
General / multiple domains      Educational attainment measure Educational attainment measure    Addenbrookes Cognitive Examination (ACE-III) Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)