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Table 2 Auxiliary examination and treatment of 29 adult-onset MERS cases

From: Mild encephalitis/encephalopathy with reversible splenial lesion (MERS) in adults-a case report and literature review

Case no. Initial examination Treatment
WBC (109/L) CRP (g/L) Serum sodium (mmol/L) CSF WBC (106/L) MRI EEG
1 10.99 9.41 131.8 (hyponatremia) 97 SCC NE mannitol, low dose methylprednisolone, ACV, anti-tuberculosis
2 NS NS NS 500 SCC Slow BA ACV, antibiotics
3 NS NS NS 17 SCC Slow BA and spikes PB, PSL
6 NS NS NS Normal SCC Slow BA ACV, antibiotics, PSL
7 18.8 17.0 NS 253 Entire CC and peripheral WM NS antibiotics
8 normal normal normal normal SCC and frontal WM NS No specific therapy
9 normal normal normal 408 SCC normal Ceftriaxone, ACV, ampicillin, catheterization
10 normal normal normal normal SCC, WM NS Methylprednisolone pulse, PSL, catheterization
11 NS normal 132 (hyponatremia) 33 SCC NS Ceftriaxone, ACV, symptomatic therapy of headache and fever
12 NS normal 133 (hyponatremia) 6 SCC, frontoparie-tal WM, putamina, thalami Diffuse slowing wave Antiepileptic treatment, methylprednisolone pulse, immunoglobulin treatment
13 elevated elevated NS normal Entire CC NS methylprednisolone pulse, immunoglobulin treatment
14 NS NS NS NS SCC NS Levofloxacin
15 NS NS NS 60 SCC, bilateral WM Slow activity, frontal sharp wave Empirical corticosteroids and ACV
16 3.48 NS 138 NS SCC abnormal hemodialysis
17 normal 12.21 normal NE SCC NS No specific therapy
18 elevated 22.9 130 3 SCC NS Antibiotics
19 normal normal normal 128 SCC NS oral PSL and methylprednisolone pulse
20 6.08 normal 137.0 90 SCC abnormal methylprednisolone pulse, oral PSL
21 7.10 normal 130.2 100 SCC, insula, caudate nucleus abnormal Oral methylprednisolone and PSL
22 11.20 normal 138.6 12 SCC abnormal Oral methylprednisolone and PSL
23 8.20 normal 126.5 80 SCC abnormal Oral PSL
24 NS NS NS 3 SCC Occipital slow waves Mannitol, diazepam, macrolides antibiotics and moxifloxacin
25 NS NS NS 7 SCC Occipital slow waves Interferon, ribavirin
26 NS NS NS 112 SCC Occipital slow waves Ganciclovir, mannitol, antibiotics
27 normal normal normal 150 SCC NS Acetazolamide, antibiotics, oseltamivir
28 17.8 NQ normal normal SCC NS Risperidone, clozapine, venlafaxine and diazepam, antipsychotic and intoxication treatment
29 NS NS NS NS SCC NS eculizumab
  1. WBC white blood cell, CRP C-reactive protein, CSF cerebrospinal fluid, EEG electroencephalography, NE no examined, NS no statement, BA basic activity, ACV acyclovir, PB Phenobarbital, PSL prednisolone, PHT phenytoin, WM white matters