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Table 2 Description of Interventions

From: Mindfulness-based stress reduction in Parkinson’s disease: a systematic review

Author (Year)
Intervention Description
Cash at al [22]
MBSR Participants were enrolled in 7–10 person groups that met weekly for 1.5-h-long sessions for 8 weeks at an interdisciplinary movement disorders clinic in a large, private room. The program included a half-day (4 h) silent retreat taking place approximately 1 week after the eighth session to encourage participants to deepen their practice by providing time for longer practices in a group setting.
Pickut et al. [23, 24]
MBSR The intervention consisted of 2.5 h meetings on eight consecutive weeks. The intervention did not include an all day session. Audio recordings containing 45-min guided mindfulness exercises (meditation, body scan, mindful movement) were given with instructions for daily home practice corresponding to the course sequence.