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Fig. 3

From: Sex differences underlying orofacial varicella zoster associated pain in rats

Fig. 3

Thermal and mechanical hypersensitivity increased after inoculating the whisker pad with VZV. Male Sprague Dawley rats were injected with either MeWo cells or MeWo cells infected with 1900 pfu/μl VZV. Testing was performed for 50–51 days post injection. Testing was completed using the orofacial test module from Ugo Basile. Thermal testing (panel a) was completed at 45 °C and filament testing (panel b) was performed with a custom circular opening containing 12 filaments. Fewer seconds drinking is an indicator of greater hyperalgesia or allodynia. Asterisk indicates a significant difference (p < 0.05) between the MeWo and VZV (pOka) treatment groups. There were 10 animals per treatment group and values are the mean and SEM

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