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Fig. 4

From: Sex differences underlying orofacial varicella zoster associated pain in rats

Fig. 4

VZV increased aversive behavior as measured by the Place Escape/Avoidance Paradigm (PEAP) test. PEAP was completed on males whose whisker pad was injected with either PBS (vehicle), MeWo cells or MeWo cells infected with VZV (1900 pfu/ μl). The PEAP test was performed for eight weeks and each panel shows the data for a different week; panel a shows week 1, panel b week 2, panel c week 3, panel d week 4, panel e week 5 and panel f week 6, panel g week 7 and panel h week 8. The upper row of asterisks indicate a significant difference (p < 0.05) between the PBS and pOka treatment groups. Asterisks on the lower row indicate a significant difference (p < 0.05) between MeWo and pOka treatment groups. There were 6 animals per treatment group

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