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Table 1 MS and general health score components and points

From: Development and validation of a claims-based measure as an indicator for disease status in patients with multiple sclerosis treated with disease-modifying drugs

MS score General health score
Parameter Points Parameter Points
Rehabilitation 25.597 Myocardial infarction (Charlson) 20.823
Altered mental state 15.802 Metastatic solid tumor (Charlson) 19.027
Pain 12.946 Any primary malignancy (Charlson) 12.172
Disability 10.000 Drug/device complication (CCS) 10.453
Balance disorder 9.211 Diabetes with chronic complications (Charlson) 8.937
Stiffness 8.651 Hematologic (CCS) 6.251
Urinary incontinence 6.366 Gastrointestinal disease (CCS) 5.891
Numbness 4.779 Psychiatric (CCS) 5.785
Malaise and fatigue 4.271 Rheumatologic (Charlson) 5.424
Infections 2.377 Genitourinary (CCS) 5.238
  1. CCS Clinical Classification System, Charlson Charlson-Deyo comorbidities, MS multiple sclerosis