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Table 1 Demographics and initial symptoms of the 11 patients

From: Acute autonomic neuropathy with severe gastrointestinal symptoms in children: a case series

Case Sex Age Duration* Initial symptoms
1 F 3y2 m 38d limb weakness
2 F 11y5m 7d vomiting
3 M 14y6 m 3 m lower limb weakness
4 F 8y10m 39d limb weakness
5 F 2y4 m 25d vomiting
6 F 8y7m 2 m vomiting
7 F 12y 10d vomiting
8 F 9y7m 2.5 m vomiting
9 M 11y2 m 6 m vomiting
10 M 7y4 m 4 m vomiting
11 F 10y3 m 8 m limb weakness
  1. *represents the time from the first symptom onset to the definite diagnosis