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Table 1 Clinical course of patients with ATTR Ala97Ser mutation

From: Phenotypic expressions of hereditary Transthyretin Ala97Ser related Amyloidosis (ATTR) in Taiwanese

  1. For the sake of simplicity, an “F” stands for the year of the first symptoms or findings for each subject, and the ordinal number in each row stands for the interval (years) between the onset of the first and consecutive symptoms or events. The progressions in individuals are illustrated in rows
  2. aPatient 2 is the daughter of patient 1, and patient 2 was excluded from the age analysis because she had normal NCV study findings
  3. bThe patients had developed higher degree AV block or complete BBB during the observation period. Please see the Results section
  4. CPCR/TCP: cardiopulmonary-cerebral resuscitation or transcutaneous cardiac pacing use
  5. CV Cardiology, GI Gastrology, ort Orthopedics, NS Neurosurgeon, chest chest, OH-: negative results after survey at other hospital, psych: psychiatrist, rheuma: rheumatology, hema: hematology
  6. Values that are enclosed indicate patient who reported similar symptoms/events in their family members
  7. PND disease staging [5]: polyneuropathy disability staging, Stage 0: no impairment, Stage I: sensory disturbances but preserved walking capability, Stage II: impaired walking capability but ability to walk without a stick or crutches, Stage IIIA: walking only with the help of one stick or crutch, Stage IIIB: walking with the help of two sticks or crutches, Stage IV: confined to a wheelchair or bedridden
  8. ND: not done