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Fig. 2

From: Neuroprotective effect of neuroserpin in non-tPA-induced intracerebral hemorrhage mouse models

Fig. 2

NSP expression in ICH brains. a. Quantitative results of IHC + Hoechst double staining for NSP-expression cells. Cell counting of the ICH model. We found that the ICH procedure significantly increased the numbers of NSP-expressing cells (ICH groups vs. sham48h group, while NSP-expressing cells reached a peak in the ICH48h group. *, P < 0.05. b. NSP protein expression in the tissues around the hematoma at 24 h/48 h/72 h after ICH. The quantitative results of western blotting for the NSP protein expression. We found that the bands of ICH24h, ICH48h, and ICH72h groups were stronger than those of the intact and sham48h groups during western blotting analysis (ICH groups vs. sham48h group), while no significant difference was found among the ICH groups (b). *, P < 0.05

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