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Table 5 Information about discovering AD-associated genes from published papers since 2015

From: Revealing Alzheimer’s disease genes spectrum in the whole-genome by machine learning

Articles Total genes Trained genes Predicted genes
Chen J A, et al. [22] DYSF, PAXIP1 PAXIP1
Xiao Q, et al.[31] CD2AP,SORL1, FERMT2,PVRL2, TOMM40 SORL1, FERMT2, TOMM40 PVRL2
Gao H, et al. [20] DAB1 DAB1
Malishkavich A, et al. [32] ADNP ADNP
Lee Y H, et al. [23] ANXA1, CDC25C ANXA1, CDC25C
Zheng X, et al. [33] APC2 APC2
Lin Q, et al. [24] APOA1,APOC3, APOA4 APOA1,
Marchesi V T, et al. [34] NLRP3,APP, TREX1,NOTCH3, COL4A1 APP NLRP3, COL4A1
Total 20 6 10