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Table 1 Subject characteristics. Subject levels of injury, completeness of lesion, time since injury, AIS scale score, medication type and response to tendon vibration (i.e. whether a tendon vibration reflex response is detectable). Complete (C) lesion means no voluntary muscle contraction below the level of injury. Incomplete (I) lesion means some voluntary muscle contraction below the level of injury [71]

From: Effect of tendon vibration during wide-pulse neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) on muscle force production in people with spinal cord injury (SCI)

Subject Level of injury Complete (C)/Incomplete (I) Time since injury (y) AIS Medication Positive responder to tendon vibration Negative responder to tendon vibration
A T7 I 3 B Baclofen   x
B T6 C 6 A Oxybutin   x
C T6 C 5 A Baclofen   x
D C6-C7 C 4 A Baclofen   x
E T12 I 2 D Baclofen   x
F C7 C 1 A Baclofen x  
G T5 I 20 D Baclofen x  
H T3 I 2 B Baclofen x  
I L3 I 4 D N/A x