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Table 1 Parameters used in the modela

From: Clinical benefit of improved Prehospital stroke scales to detect stroke patients with large vessel occlusions: results from a conditional probabilistic model

Parameter Value, minutes References
Onset-to-alarm 30 Zock et al. [14]
Alarm-to-scene 15 Federal Highway Research Institute Germany [15]
On-scene 30 Personal experience from the Berlin fire brigade [3]
Transfer (PSC-to-CSC) 15, 60, and 120  
Door-to-needle CSC: 30
PSC: 30
Door-out 30 Holodinsky et al., [16] Schlemm et al. [3]
Door-to-groin Mothership approach: 90
Drip and ship approach: max(50, 90 – door-out – transfer)
Groin-to-reperfusion 30
Treatment time windows Thrombolysis: 270; EVT (onset-to-groin): 360 American Heart Association [17, 18]
  1. aEVT, endovascular therapy; CSC, comprehensive EVT-capable stroke center; PSC, non-EVT-capable primary stroke center