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Table 2 Construct validity of the QOLIBRI-OS at 3 months after stroke

From: Can the health related quality of life measure QOLIBRI- overall scale (OS) be of use after stroke? A validation study

Items Measure for comparison Correlation hypotheses Spearman’s Rho
1 Physical condition SS-QOL sum mobility High 0.44a
EQ5D mobility Moderate 0.31a
2 Cognitive function SS-QOL sum thinking Moderate to high 0.65a
3 Emotions SS-QOL sum mood High 0.66a
HADS-total score Moderate to high, negative −.0.70a
4 Daily activities SS-QOL sum work Moderate to high 0.62a
EQ5D Usual activities High 0.64a
5 Personal and social life SS-QOL sum social role Moderate 0.55a
HADS total score Moderate, negative −0.61a
6 Current situation and future prospects EQ VAS score High 0.57a
HADS anxiety scale High, negative −0.58a
Sum QOLIBRI-OS HADS total score High, negative −0.74a
EQ VAS score Moderate 0.56a
SS-QOL sum score High 0.71a
  1. EQ5D EuroQol Quality of Life Scale-5D, HADS Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale, SS-QOL Stroke-Specific Quality of Life Scale
  2. aCorrelation is significant at the 0.01 level (two-tailed)