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Table 1 Schedule of assessments

From: Feasibility trial of an early therapy in perinatal stroke (eTIPS)

  BASELINE 1 M 2 M 3 M 4 M 5 M 6 M
Review imaging x       
PSOM x    x    x
AIMS x   x   x   x
GMs x x x x    
HAI     x x x x
Accelerometry (during GMs/HAI) x x x x x x x
Qualitative observations   x    x x  
In-depth interviews       x  
PSOC   x      x
WEBWMS   x      x
eTIPS Feasibility Questionnaire   x      x
Questionnaire for therapists   x
Telephone interview with therapists       x
  1. Those in bold were undertaken for infants with PS/HPI only