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Table 5 Imaging findings and HAI Both Hands scores at 6 months

From: Feasibility trial of an early therapy in perinatal stroke (eTIPS)

No. Imaging Side (brain) Lesion type Description 6 m HAI Both Hands
1 CrUSS, MRI Right Infarct Right cerebral cortex & PLIC; left occipital lobe infarct 35
2 MRI Right Infarct MCA territory infarct involving cortex, PLIC & corticospinal tracts 42
3 MRI Left Infarct Left frontoparietal; small left posterior parietal & tiny right frontal subcortical lesion 88
4 CT, MRI Left Infarct Segmental MCA territory infarct involving frontal & parietal lobes. 54
5 CrUSS, MRI Left Infarct Anterior circulation infarct affecting cortical & subcortical structures 82
6 CT, MRI Right Infarct, SAH, IVH Extensive MCA territory infarct involving cortical & subcortical structures, basal ganglia & corticospinal tract 40
7 CrUSS Right HPI Frontal lobe 45
8 CrUSS Left HPI Frontoparietal n/a
9 CrUSS Right HPI Adjacent to body of lateral ventricle 66
10 CrUSS Right HPI Adjacent to body of lateral ventricle, extending to temporal lobe 44
11 CrUSS Left HPI Left periventricular 66
12 CrUSS Left HPI Left frontoparietal n/a
13 CrUSS Left HPI Frontotemporal 82
  1. CrUSS Cranial Ultrasound, PLIC Posterior limb of internal capsule, MCA middle cerebral artery