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Fig. 1

From: The subtleties of cognitive decline in multiple sclerosis: an exploratory study using hierarchichal cluster analysis of CANTAB results

Fig. 1

CANTAB performance scores in the Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy Control groups. The p-values were obtained using Student’s t test or the Mann-Whitney test. The Spatial Working Memory (SWM) test measures the retention and manipulation of visuospatial information; the Rapid Visual Processing (RVP) test measures sustained attention; the Paired Associate Learning (PAL) test assesses visual memory and new learning; the Reaction Time (RTI) test reflects motor and mental response speeds as well as movement time, reaction time, response accuracy, and impulsivity; and the Delayed Matched to Sample (DMS) test uses forced choice to assess the recognition memory of visual patterns and tests both simultaneous matching and short-term visual memory

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