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Fig. 4

From: Cases of visual impairment caused by cerebral venous sinus occlusion-induced intracranial hypertension in the absence of headache

Fig. 4

Visual fields and FVEP/PVEP of the 3 cases. Left, Humphrey visual field plots of both eyes. All patients had impairment of visual fields, secondary to papilledema. With case 2, the visual field of the left eye couldn’t be tested due to the poor vison. Right, FVEP plots for cases 1 and 2, showing only mild abnormalities (normal peak time, in contrast to delayed peak time in optic neuritis). PVEP plots for case 3, showing a nearly normal amplitude of the P100 wave in the right eye (visual acuity of 0.9) and a decreased amplitude with normal peak time of the P100 wave in the left eye (visual acuity of 0.5)

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