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Table 1 Primary and secondary outcomes at baseline and 4-weeks, 12-weeks, 18-weeks, and 24-weeks after baseline

From: The effect of occipital nerve field stimulation on the descending pain pathway in patients with fibromyalgia: a water PET and EEG imaging study

  Baseline 4-weeks 12-weeks 18-weeks 24-weeks p value
Primary Outcome Measure
 FIQ 59.26a 37.16b 40.36b 42.04b 43.95b 0.006
Secondary Outcome Measures
 PVAQ 40.57a 32.71b 26.71b 26.71b 26.57b 0.003
 PCS 20.84a 10.43b 8.86b 8.29b 10..28b 0.006
 Overall Quality of Life 3.14a 6.00b 6.14b 6.00b 5.00b 0.01
 Overall Fibromyalgia Pain 7.00a 4.00b 4.29b 4.42b 4.85b 0.001
 Overall Bone and Joint Pain 8.00a 4.14b 5.14b 4.86b 5.14b 0.004
 Overall Non-Specified Pain 5.57a 4.00a,b 3.28b 3.42b 3.87b 0.033
  1. a, b indicate that they are significantly different