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Table 2 Overview of experimental flow for the main study. Specific assessment titles are further outlined in Table 3

From: Michigan Neural Distinctiveness (MiND) study protocol: investigating the scope, causes, and consequences of age-related neural dedifferentiation

  Main Study
Timepoint: Enrolment Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
 Eligibility screen X    
 Informed consent X X   
 Condition Allocation X    
 Cognitive Impairment Screen   X   
 Fluid Intelligence Measures   X X  
 Crystallized Intelligence Measures   X   
 Visual Function   X X  
 Auditory Function   X   
 Tactile Function    X  
 Motor Function   X X  
 fMRI Sensory Tasks    X  
 fMRI Resting State    X  
 DWI     X
 MRS     X