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Table 2 Skin reactions reported under therapy with peginterferon beta-1a, interferon beta 1a and 1b, respectively

From: An update on Peginterferon beta-1a Management in Multiple Sclerosis: results from an interdisciplinary Board of German and Austrian Neurologists and dermatologists

Frequency according to SmPC of respective drug SC peginterferon beta-1a [19] IM interferon beta-1a [21] SC interferon beta-1a [22] SC interferon
eta 1b [23]
Very common ≥1/10 IS erythema, IS pain, IS pruritus   IS inflammation, IS skin disorder reaction IS reaction (different kinds), sweating
Common ≥1/100, <  1/10 IS oedema, IS warmth, IS haematoma, IS rash, IS swelling, IS discolouration, IS inflammation Rash, increased sweating, contusion, IS pain, IS erythema, IS bruising Pruritus, rash, erythematous rash, maculo-papular rash, alopecia, IS pain Erythema, swelling, inflammation, pain, abscess, skin disorder, rash, urticaria, pruritus, alopecia, IS necrosis
Uncommon ≥1/1.000, <  1/100 Urticaria, hypersensitivity reaction Alopecia, IS burning Urticaria, IS necrosis, IS swelling, IS infections*, increased sweating Skin discolouration
Rare ≥1/10.000, <  1/1.000 IS necrosis   Quincke’s oedema (angio-oedema), erythema multiforme, erythema, multiforme-like skin reactions, Stevens Johnson syndrome, IS cellulitis, anaphylactic reactions  
Unknown   Angioneurotic oedema, pruritus, rash vesicular, urticaria, IS reaction, IS inflammation, IS cellulitis, IS necrosis, IS bleeding, anaphylactic reactions, hypersensitivity reaction (angio-oedema, dyspnea, urticarial, rash, pruritus)   Drug induced lupus erythematodes