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Table 1 Core set of instruments used in the quantitative part of the study

From: ParkProTrain: an individualized, tablet-based physiotherapy training programme aimed at improving quality of life and participation restrictions in PD patients – a study protocol for a quasi-randomized, longitudinal and sequential multi-method study

Dimensions Instruments t0 t1 t2
Primary Outcome
 Quality of Life PDQ-8 [24]
Secondary Outcomes
 Participation Restrictions IMET [24]  
 Fear of Falling FES-I [25]
 Sleep Disorder PDSS-2 [29]
 Anxiety/Depression PHQ-4 [31]
 Comorbidity SCQ-D [26]  
 Pain Single Items [27]    
 Performance Capability Single Items [28]  
 Physical Activity Federal Health Survey [29]  
Moderating Variables
 Body Height, Weight Single Items  
 Use of Health Services (Medical and Therapeutic Treatments, Hospital Stays, Medication, etc.) Single Items  
 Sociodemographic Data Single Items [30]  
  1. t0 = baseline/right before MKP; t1 = 3-week follow-up/right after MKP; t2 = 9 months after t1