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Table 1 Reports of primary intraosseous osteolytic meningiomas

From: Primary intraosseous osteolytic meningioma: a case report and review of the literature

Reference, year Sex/age Location Type Pathology
Klein et al., 1975 [10] F/66 Parietal IIIC Meningothelial
McWhorter et al., 1976 [11] M/42 Temporal IIC Benign
Palma et al., 1977 [12] M/18 Frontal IIIC Fibroblastic
Pearl et al., 1979 [13] F/44 Frontal IIC Meningothelial
Ohaegbulam et al., 1979 [14] M/31 Frontal IIIC Fibroblastic
Young et al., 1983 [15] M/71 Frontal IIC Benign
Kaneko et al., 1988 [16] F/71 Frontoparietal IIIC Fibroblastic
Lee et al., 1988 [17] F/71 Frontoparietal IIC Malignant
Oka et al., 1989 [18] F/79 Frontoparietal IIIC Transitional
Ammirati et al., 1990 [19] M/21 Petrous IIIB Benign
Kulali et al., 1991 [20] M/50 Occipital IIIC Transitional
Ito et al., 1992 [21] F/72 Frontoparietal IIC Meningothelial
Fujita et al., 1993 [22] M/42 Petrous IIIB Malignant
Ghobashy and Tobler, 1994 [23] F/65 Frontal IIC Transitional
Parington et al., 1995 [24] F/84 Frontotemporal IIIC Atypical
Levin et al., 1995 [25] N/A Calvaria N/A N/A
Kuzeyli et al., 1996 [26] M/6 Temporal IIC Meningothelial
Changhong et al., 1997 [27] F/42 Occipital IIC Malignant
Muthukumar et al., 1997 [28] M/55 Parietal IIIC Meningothelial
M/50 Temporoparietal IIC Meningothelial
M/60 Frontal IIIC Meningothelial
Kudo et al., 1998 [29] F/56 Parietooccipital IIIC Meningothelial
Okamoto et al., 2000 [30] F/78 Parietal IIC Microcystic
Yamazaki et al., 2001 [31] M/62 Occipital IIIB Meningothelial
Rosahl et al., 2004 [32] M/38 Petrous IIB Meningothelial
Tokgoz et al., 2005 [33] M/44 Frontoparietal IIIC Chordoid
Bassiouni et al., 2006 [34] M/47 Parietal IIIC Benign
F/46 Temporal IIC Meningothelial
F/57 Parietal IIC Fibroblastic
F/62 Frontal IIC Atypical
M/34 temporal IIIC Meningothelial
Al-Khawaja et al., 2007 [35] M/50 Parietal IIC Meningothelial
Sheikhrezaie et al., 2009 [36] M/62 Frontoparietal IIIC Benign
Yener et al., 2009 [37] M/78 Parietal IIC Meningothelial
Hong et al., 2010 [38] M/52 Parietal N/A Benign
M/73 Occipital N/A Anaplastic
Kim et al., 2012 [39] M/68 Parietal IIIC Atypical
F/74 Frontal IIIC Papillary
Akhaddar and Ennouali, 2014 [40] F/37 Frontal IIC Meningothelial
Tang et al., 2014 [41] F/82 Parietal IIC Meningothelial
Yun and Lee, 2014 [42] F/65 Frontal IIIC Atypical
Kim et al., 2014 [43] F/44 Sphenoid IIIB Transitional
Bujok and Bienioszek, 2014 [44] F/59 Frontal IIC Microcystic
Kwon et al., 2015 [45] M/69 Parietal IIIC Meningothelial
Hong et al., 2015 [46] M/61 Frontoparietal IIC Benign
Ben Nsir et al., 2016 [47] M/42 Petrous IIIB Clear cell
Bohara et al., 2016 [48] M/38 Parietal IIIC Atypical
Mouri et al., 2017 [49] F/76 Frontal IIIC Transitional
Richardson et al., 2017 [50] M/23 Frontal IIC Benign
Present case M/80 Petrous IIIB Atypical