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Table 2 Results of SEEG recording

From: Surgical outcomes in patients with epilepsy after viral encephalitis: contribution of SEEG study

Pt No.electrodes(contacts) Side Interictal spikes Seeg onset zone(visually) EI positive zone Onset pattern (concomitant HFO) Surgery (resected lobe) Histopathology Outcome(Engel) /FU(months)
1 9(126) L AM、Hi、RSC AM、Hi、RSC AM、Hi bursts of spikes(HFO) SAH FCD Type III I(28)
2 8(86) L AM、Hi、LAT-T STS STS LVF(HFO) STG、TP(L) FCD Type IIIb I(22)
3 15(172) L T、INS、P POCG POCG LVF (HFO) POCG(L) FCD Type IIId I(28)
4 18(232) Bil Bil-O cuneus of O cuneus of O LVF(HFO) Thermocoagulation of cuneus(R) NA II(23)
5 10(112) R STG、MTG、IFG、anterior INS diffuse→MTG、HP diffuse voltage decrement STG, MTG, anterior INS (R) FCD Type Ia II(43)
6 10(118) R MTG、HP、AM、IFG Hi、AM Hi、AM slow wave(HFO) Hi、AM, ATG (R) FCD Type IIIa II(41)
7 13(154) R T、INS、F、P INS、OP of INS INS rhythmic discharges(HFO) R-T、HP、AM、INS(R) FCD Type Ia III(24)
8 13(170) L TP、Hi、MTG、 anterior INS AM、LAT-T、OP of INS AM、LAT-T rhythmic discharges OP of INS、Hi、AM 、INS(L) FCD Type III a III (21)
9 12(138) L Hi、O、PCC、SPL O、PCC、Hi O、PCC、Hi LVF (HFO) HP、part of P、O(L) FCD Type III d IV(40)
10 12(180) L F、T、AG、INS T、INS T、INS bursts of spikes(HFO) T、Hi、AM、INS (L) FCD Type III IV(25)
  1. No number, AM amygdala nuclei, Hi hippocampus, RSC retrosplenial cortex, SAH selective amygdalohippoeampectomy, LAT-T Lateral temporal, STS superior temporal sulcus, TP temporal pole, T temporal lobe, INS insula, P parietal lobe, POCG postcentral gyrus, LVF low voltage fast, Bil Bilateral, O occipital lobe, STG superior temporal gyrus, MTG middle temporal gyrus, IFG inferior frontal gyrus, IFG inferior frontal gyrus, ATG anterior temporal gyrus, F frontal lobe, OP operculum, HFO high freguency oscillation, PCC posterior cingular cortex, SPL superior parietal, AG angular gyrus, FU follow up, NA not applicable