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Table 3 Perceived healthcare system and provider level barriers to epilepsy care

From: Barriers to epilepsy care in Central Uganda, a qualitative interview and focus group study involving PLWE and their caregivers

Financial constraints We don’t have any drugs, so they tell you to go and buy the drugs.” Respondent PR#5
Location issues “The problem with transportation is that we come from far away. Sometimes we would love to come but lack of transport stops us”. Respondent PR#2
Health care provider issues
 Poor communication skills “You can meet a care provider who is just too proud! She yelled back at me instead. Maybe she had been angered moments before, but if you are a care provider you don’t respond rudely to patients”. Respondent PR#3
Why should I go to a government hospital to queue up and tell me to buy the medicine”? Respondent PR#13
Lack of drugs
 Appointment difficulties “When we went to hospital, we were told that the doctor who handles such conditions (epilepsy) comes on specific days in a week and yet you have to first make a booking. So hospital looked like a loose end, so we never went back”. Respondent CG#23
 Inadequate disease investigation “What I am saying is what the doctor said; they need to first check me up and see what is on the brain”. Respondent PR#20