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Table 1 Overview of inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: COGTIPS: a double-blind randomized active controlled trial protocol to study the effect of home-based, online cognitive training on cognition and brain networks in Parkinson’s disease

Inclusion criterion Measured with Defined by
Significant subjective cognitive complaints Parkinson’s Disease Cognitive Functional Rating Scale Score > 3
Mild to moderate disease stage Hoehn & Yahr disease stage Score < 4
Access to computer or tablet with access to Internet. Capability to use keyboard and computer mouse Phone interview
Signed informed consent
General exclusion criterion Measured with Defined by
Indication for dementia syndrome Self-administered Gerocognitive Examination Score < 14
  Montreal Cognitive Assessment Score < 22
Current drug- or alcohol abuse CAGE AID-interview Score > 1
Inability to undergo extensive neuropsychological assessments or eight weeks of home-based cognitive intervention
Moderate to severe depressive symptoms Beck depression inventory Score > 18
Presence of one or more impulse control disorders ICD criteria interview Positive screening
Psychotic symptoms. Benign hallucinations with insight are not an exclusion criterion Schedule for Assessment of Positive Symptoms – PD Positive screening
Traumatic brain injury Phone interview Cerebral contusion with 1) loss of consciousness for > 15 min and 2) posttraumatic amnesia > 1 h
Exclusion criterion for participation in magnetic resonance imaging Measured with Defined by
A space occupying lesion Assessment by radiologist
Significant vascular abnormalities Assessment by radiologist Fazekas > 1
Severe claustrophobia MRI safety screening questionnaire Positive screening
Presence of metal in the body (e.g. pacemaker, neurostimulator)
Difficulty with, or shortness of breath during 60 min of lying still