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Table 4 Predictors of hemorrhagic stroke compared to ischemic stroke patients admitted to stroke unit of JUMC

From: RETRACTED ARTICLE: Risk factors, clinical presentations and predictors of stroke among adult patients admitted to stroke unit of Jimma university medical center, south west Ethiopia: prospective observational study

VariablesHSISCOR 95% CIP valueAOR 95% CIP value
Atrial fibrillationYes4150.231 (0.71–0.75)0.0140.08 (0.01–0.680.021*
No51451.00 1.00 
Heart failureyes4160.21 (0.07–0.68)0.009  
Previous strokeyes180.12 (0.01–0.98)0.0480.18 (0.02–1.66)0.130
no55521.00 1.00 
Smoking (current/previous)yes1463.00 (1.06–8.47)0.038  
Coronary disease (CHD, IHD)yes3110.25 (0.67–0.98)0.043  
Migraine/ headache historyyes1026.30 (1.32–30.20)0.02114.54 (0.85–249.98)0.065
no46581.00 1.00 
situation of previous HTN managementMedication discontinued1593.33 (1.06–10.53)0.04  
Not start medication1092.22 (0.67–7.41)0.194  
On medication9181.00   
  1. AOR Adjusted odds ratio, CHD Coronary Heart Disease, COR Crude odds ratio, IHD Ischemic Heart Disease, HTN Hypertension
  2. *stastistically significant at p < 0.05