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Table 1 Synopsis of the most recent cases of sudden deterioration

From: Acute presentations of intradural lipomas: case reports and a review of the literature

Author, year No. cases Age Type of lesion Deterioration Treatment Late outcome
Vadivelu et al., 2014 [12] 2 17 mts, 26 mts Undiagnosed dermal sinus + dermoid cyst + syrinx
Undiagnosed dermal sinus + dermoid cyst
Intramedullary abscess with motor/sphincter deficit
Intramedullary abscess with recurrent meningitis and hydrocephalus
Surgery + antibiotic therapy Assistive device for walking
Developmental delay + VP shunt
Bhanage et al., 2015 [8] 1 4 mts Dermal sinus and tethered filum terminale Leg weakness and infection (dorsal and lumbosacral intramedullary abscess (D11-S3) Surgery + antibiotic therapy (Mycobacterium tuberculosis) Left foot deformity with limping gait and a neurogenic bladder
Singh et al., 2015 [11] 3 (14.2%) out of a series of 21 cases 9 mts to 15 yrs. (mean: 8.2 yrs) Dermal sinus Meningitis, intraspinal abscess and acute paraplegia Surgery + antibiotic therapy Persistent neurological deficit in one case, persistent sphincter deficit in all 3 cases
Girishan et al., 2016 [9] 10 8 to 24 mts (one case: 25 yrs) Dermal sinus + intramedullary dermoid cyst Rapid onset paraparesis secondary to infection (9 cases) or rupture of dermoid cyst in one case (quadriparesis) Surgery + medical treatment (9 cases), only medical treatment (1 case) Significant neurological improvement (8 cases), stable deficits (1 case), death (1 case, no surgery)
Rashid et al., 2016 [10] 1 2 yrs. Dermal sinus Infection (myelitis/polyradiculitis) with full motor/sensitive/sphincter deficit Surgery + antibiotic therapy Permanent neurological deficits