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Table 1 Sample and data collection schedule

From: Study protocol: ASCRIBED: the impact of Acute SystematiC inflammation upon cerebRospinal fluId and blood BiomarkErs of brain inflammation and injury in dementia: a study in acute hip fracture patients

Timepoint Admission/Pre-Op Period Day of Operation Post-Op Period
Day 0 48 (± 4 hours) post-op Time 1 (1 month ± 5 days)
Consent/ Agreement X   Xa  
AMT and/or 4AT X   Xb  
Collection of blood EDTA sample (6 ml)   X   
Collection of blood serum clotted sample (10 ml)   X Xb  
Collection of Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) sample (≥ 2.0 ml)   X   
MMSE~ 2: SV    Xb  
IQCODE (To be completed by the suitable informant)    Xc  
Evidence of dementia from patient’s medical/GP records     Xc
Medication information     Xc
Collection of blood PAXgene RNA sample (2.5 ml)   X   
  1. aTaken if patient’s capacity status has changed from pre-operative time period (Eng. only);
  2. bShould the time window be unworkable, research nurses will collect MMSE~ 2: SV data and bloods at the next earliest opportunity but not beyond 60 h post-op;
  3. cCan be gained at any point before the 1-month (± 5 days) time period elapses